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Dr. Alexandru I. Calu
Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons (ACPR),
European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (ESPRAS),
International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Societies (IPRAS)

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Facial surgery requires any intervention, smaller or radical, comes to correct certain facial features to restore harmony.


    The breasts are always a topic of discussion since jolt border between motherhood and sex "& nbsp; Iris Marion Young


      Aesthetic surgery operations can be punctual or within the same interventions can be made a whole series of procedures to model a specific area of ​​the body.

        Beauty? You can find it in the eyes of a person ...or in a plastic surgeon's knife.

        There are dozens of ways to discover the beauty of a person, but the easiest way is by giving back self-confidence. That's what I think whenever I see someone who wants or needs a surgical intervention.
        Whether certain traits they want to change or physical defects they need to be corrected, a person who regain the self-confidence is stronger, more energetic, more positive and thus more beautiful.
        "A beautiful thing is never perfect," says an old Egyptian proverb. Therefore, there are no manuals, rules, numbers or exact measures that define perfection of a man. And it’s better so because every person can define its own standards. My role as a plastic surgeon is to find the best way, from the surgical point of view, to achieve own perfection of each patient.
        I'm Dr. Calu and I’m a plastic surgeon. I loved this job since before practice. It became a goal to discover, to learn and to specialize in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction or another type of esthetic surgery. I am using my knowledge, skills, and experience that I gained during over 3,000 interventions of plastic surgery and aesthetics, from the most simple injections of botox to radical transformations of the breast, rhinoplasties or facial reconstruction to serve my patients at the highest standards in the field.
        For surgical interventions or nonsurgical services please contact me to schedule the date on which we can establish the first meeting.

        Promotional prices

        • Breast implants

          Latest generation breast implants

          3000 euro
          2800 euro
        • Rhinoplasty

          Aestetic and functional

          2800 euro
          2500 euro
        • Liposuction

          2 areas (between abdonimal area, love handles, inner thigh, outer thigh)

          2600 euro
          2300 euro
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