Chirurgia siluetei

Interventii de chirurgie

Your body shape- silhouette- can be hidden and modeled using carefully chosen wardrobe, but a well shaped body gives you confidence regardless of the clothing worn, especially when you want to give them up.

Weight loss are extremely beneficial to the body and lifestyle. However, in the case of large declines, the body may retain excess fat footsteps by unwanted folds of the skin that can look very unsightly.

Obviously you want a healthy body, but you want a nice body and your efforts may be supplemented by a series of procedures to remove excess skin and fat hanging unpleasantly abdomen, arms or thighs. This type of surgery can also correct the footsteps of pregnancy, various birth defects or traces of injuries.

Aesthetic surgery procedures (body contouring) can be punctual or within the same interventions can be made a whole series of procedures to reshape a specific area of the body from lifting the thigh or arm lift and abdominoplasty to liposuction.

You have the slightest dissatisfaction related to your body? I expect you to contact me for a first discussion on your body contour. I will make medical recommendations for immediate intervention or advice on weight reduction needed for surgery to be justified in the near future.