Facial Surgery

Surgical procedures

A person's face is full of subtle details that create harmony, uniqueness and obviously personality. Age, unpleasant events, various disorders or childbirth issues are the source of small imperfections or major defects causing physical discomfort and especially an enormous psychological discomfort.

Facial surgery consists in any intervention, from small to radical, which tries to correct certain features to restore face harmony: facial lifts for wrinkle and excess skin removal , rhinoplasty to correct the shape of the nose, eyebrows lift for increase expressiveness, otoplasty to obtain a harmonization of ears shape or blepharoplasty to obtain a rejuvenated eyelid aspect.

There is a science of attraction, rules that scientists agree than a person has an attractive face or not. There are principles that I as a plastic surgeon analyze them carefully and I take them into consideration, but the decision of such interventions rely also on many elements that can not be written in an aesthetics manual: the idea of beauty for the patient, harmony between aesthetics and the patient's personality and as well as patient's physical tolerance to certain interventions or types of procedures.

You've been through an unpleasant event or have the slightest hesitation when you’re in front of the mirror? I invite you to talk about facial surgery procedures that can recreate the harmony of your face.